Should I just let my feelings go?

So I have a guy friend. We have been friends for 2 years. We almost got together last year but found out he was being a jerk. Unlike his other friends who were girls in the past. He has worked hard to make sure I’m in his life. He is working on becoming a better person. Seeing a therapist. He actually has changed. Not a jerk. I just recently told him I was developing feelings for him again but wasn’t ready for a relationship. He said he is focusing on himself making sure to be better and to never hurt me again. He is watching my favorite movies. Bought me two versions of coke because he didn’t know which version I liked. He has agreed to cuddle with me when this virus is over. I’m not ready for a relationship and neither is he. And he has stated he wants to be friends. But then he is flirting and agreeing to cuddle. Should I ignore my feelings and push them into the back burner? Or see where this goes?
Should I just let my feelings go?
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