Is he being needy?

We've been dating for 5 months, he's not my boyfriend, and now with the lockdown, we both live in different cities with our families. We only text (which a lot of work for me because im way too introverted and never like to talk much and he knows) but he annoys me with his emotions, for example
He always keeps asking me to figure a way out to meet when it's nearly impossible in our country and not worth the risk
He loves my nasal allergies and asks for vids of me sneezing.. Gross!
He keeps complaining about how much he misses me so bad and wants to see me
He's already almost with me 24/7 on chat (I usually talk very little and briefly but now he became an exception and he knows)
He makes sure we watch the same movies/shows at the same time and gets a little mad if i watch something without him
I don't know if this is too much emotional needs for only our early days...
Is he being needy?
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