Is it possible for a man to be hurt over a miscarriage?

I finally came out and told him I had a miscarriage and he didn't believe me it seems until I told him I had papers from the hospital. Then he said "I bet you're happy you got what you wanted. I'm glad I only have one kid with you now, let's hope the unborn baby didn't have a heartbeat yet" We have a baby already together and the unborn baby would've been our second child. We had a tumultuous abusive relationship and even though we weren't together we'd still talk on the phone. Hed ask me if I was going to my prenatal visits and if I told my family I was pregnant again. Just recently he asked about the unborn baby and I said everything was ok because I didn't want to tell him but I was so sad and so much is going on in my life right now I cried and told him. I wonder if he really meant when he said he didn't care about me losing our unborn baby, he'd ask me about the unborn baby from time to time.
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Is it possible for a man to be hurt over a miscarriage?
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