Steps on how to be a real man? part one?

1. Never ask for help. As a real man your number one priority should always be knowing how not to ask for help If you were to, all the real men who came before you would be brutally let down. 2. Alpha walking. When you're walking you'll want your lats flared out wide. People won't think you look a idiot they just think you have really wide lats cause of how much of a man you are. 3. Act like you know about women. Even though you are clueless when it comes to understanding the mind and body of a woman. It's important for you to parade around with your honorary doctrine of Womanology with other men who also don't have a clue. they'll think you're in the know if you display enough confidence about what you don't know you're talking about which will let them know you a real man. 4. Real men don't cry. If you start crying then you're basically going through a non surgical identity change into what scientists refer to as a weakling. The hallmark of toughness is being able to constipate your tear ducts from the time you three years old until you die.
Steps on how to be a real man? part one?
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