Why did he lie to me?

my first boyfriend and I had a great relationship. After we broke up he mainly initiated it and it was kinda amicable but I would always be the one to text him afterwards. To be fair while we were together, he would ALWAYS text first.

anyways so he just wanted to have casual sex with no strings attached after the breakup which I tried to wrap my head around, and considered it but knew I didn’t wanna. I wouldn’t say he led me on with giving me hope for a possible rekindling of our relationship but I should’ve gave him an ultimatum or cut it off sooner
anyways besides the point, once we were talking after the breakup and the reason why we broke up was because the distance became too much for him and he told me maybe if I had a car we could’ve stayed together ( I don’t think that was the real reason and my friends told me it was a terrible excuse)
We were talking over Thanksgiving and I posted a pic of my car and we had already been talking ( I initiated ) I’ll admit I was being soo thirsty lol and it was so obvious what I was doing and while we were having a convo he asked if I got a car. And then eventually asked to hangout. I got all excited because I thought that meant we could start over
however a few weeks later he went back to the casual sex thing!
so I’m confused!! Why would he ask to hangout with me ( and he didn’t ask in a sexual manner ) and then go back to his original thing. To be honest we did dirty talk a lot so maybe that brought it to his mind? If not that, then what?
Why did he lie to me?
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