Why are men so insensitive about period pain?

My boyfriend just called me a baby because I started my period and it hurts. See, I don’t just get the cramps but also shooting pains in my thighs and stabbing pains in my backs. I’ve been stabbed before (worked in a bakery years ago and it was 100% an accident) and the back pain is almost on par.

But I think he thinks I’m making I up. He’s told me before that he thinks I just don’t want to do things around the house or I just want him to ‘serve me’ for a day or two. I’ve been on birth control for the pain since I was a teenager but had to stop because it interfered with my bipolar meds.

He’s not the first to think this, either. Male colleagues think this way. I hear them talk about their wives and PMS and laugh at them like it’s a joke. I just want to punch them in the face.
Why are men so insensitive about period pain?
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