Why did my boyfriend say he wanted to "go along for the adventure"?

This whole situation really just strikes a nerve with me. Mainly because whenever I say I want to go to a party, my boyfriend will try making us other plans instead because he says that the party will be a sausage fest and he doesn't enjoy watching men try to flock women and get laid. Anyways, last week he ended up going to a party without me. I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home and he said he was going to have a guys night. BBQ, fire, and Jack Daniel's with his guys. He kept texting me randomly, almost as if he was bored. Kept checking in on me, etc. And then his phone died. No big deal. So around 12 the next day he comes back home and tells me that him and his 2 buddies drove almost 2 hours away to go hang out with these 2 chicks that none of them had met before because his two buddies wanted to hook up with them. So, not only did he knowingly get in the vehicle with someone who was wasted, but now he is putting himself in the position of being at a sausage party and watching those men try to flock and fuck the women. Which is the exact reasoning behind why he doesn't like going to parties, from what he claims. But then he kind of just shrugs and was like "I just wanted to go for the adventure." I'm not controlling, by any means. And I know he's not a cheat but holy fuck. I really wanted to be like "Adventure? Watching your friends trying to hook up with 2 random girls while you sit in the corner like a creep is an adventure?" But then he tells me it was super awkward because no one was talking so he grabbed his buddies keys and went and slept in the truck. I guess I'm curious why he wanted to go on that adventure but any other time he avoids shit like this. Maybe that is why I'm having a hard time shaking this one. Normally I truly dont care what he does as long as he is honest with me. But this one really kind of pisses me off. Probably because I have skipped out on parties that I desperately wanted to go to because he didn't want to go to a "sausage party".
Why did my boyfriend say he wanted to "go along for the adventure"?
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