Why doesn't he like me?

So I've had a crush on this guy since grade 10, I'm now currently about to graduate from high school. We've been friends for about four years now and he's a year older than me so he's already finished with his first year of university. We met playing on a sports team together. I always felt like we've had a strong bond and were constantly running into eachother even though we don't talk as much. Our moms are friends so they love hanging out. I felt like he liked me too but we have a weird relationship were we bicker a lot but he seems like he genuinely cares about me. One time when his brother accidently hit with with a ball he tried to defend me and got really mad at his brother, and he made sure I was ok. When I was drunk, I passed out on his lab and he gave me water and he made sure I got home ok. When I started dating new people he always got so angry and jealous. Making sure who I was dating was safe and nice to me. I've tried ignoring the crush and trying to move on but I have such strong feelings for him it hurts and I don't think he will ever ask me out but I just want to move on but I just feel like these feelings are holding me back. I just get so confused because he's giving me so many different signs and I don't know if it thinks because my first year on the team people kept saying I should date his twin and then bullying me that I likeed him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if I can him how I feel it might ruin are friendship. Should I ask his twin, I'm really good friends with him.
Why doesn't he like me?
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