What do you make of this?

So I have a friend of mine and he’s been with his girlfriend for about 8 months now. When he first told me about her in September, at the time, prior, I was still in my feelings about him as he ended our brief stint of trying things out in a dating sense. Well fast forward to January we went to hang out and toward the end of it, he suggested next time she was in town maybe I could meet her. I told him I still wasn’t ready. Whenever I did end up meeting her, I wanted to be completely over him. Well I ended up meeting someone else and dating them for a month before he broke up with me, and at this point I was crazy into the new guy so I got over my feelings for my friend. We were texting one night and I had asked him about how they were doing and then at one point I told him I wouldn’t mind meeting her. Now I’ve made it clear I’m over him and don’t mind meeting her now. All these months later and I still hadn’t met her, I know the first time he suggested it I declined but I told him I didn’t mind. His parents of course have met her but I hadn’t yet and I’m surprised as he talks about her a lot as he should. What could be a reason he hasn’t brought up me meeting her even though I told him I didn’t mind now?
What do you make of this?
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