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Men are superior. Bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic, think with logic instead of emotion, natural leaders, better fighters, pretty much built human civilization, built all the skyscrapers, hospitals, shopping malls etc... Invented all the crazy technology we use today. Found cures for all kinds of diseases. Don't have periods. Have penises instead of vaginas Men most likely built your residence or other building you are in. Men installed and maintain the electrical lines. Your running water comes to you in pipes installed and maintained by men. Your method of communication - telephone lines, cable or wireless - was installed and is maintained by men. The petrol/gas that you use to fuel your vehicle is acquired and refined by men. You drive on a road built by men to a store built by men to buy merchandise that was delivered on trucks driven by men. The various forms of energy that provide you and your community with power - nuclear, coal, natural gas - are brought to you by men. If your home or vehicle needs repair, you will most likely have a man do the work. If you need a firefighter or police officer, a man will most likely come to your aid.
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