Boyfriend thinks I still like my ex?

So I am in a fairly new relationship. We live together and its been pretty good. We have an age gap relationship but it doesn’t really mean much because I’m noticing now that all guys are somewhat similar. Anyway that’s my opinion, but he thinks I still like my ex. Me and my ex were together for three years but broke up last year. It was painful and I kicked him out of the apartment that we were living in so clearly I don’t have feelings for him at all. Now I pick up from him because he’s my dealer but every time I do my boyfriend throws a hissy fit. My boyfriend is much older than me. Me and my ex literally have a 5 second interaction and we both do not interact on social media. I put make up on today just to make myself feel better and just cause I was bored and why not? Its a normal thing for me to do my makeup because its a hobby. But he got all upset and thought it was for him. He makes these stupid smart ass remarks about how “I got ready for my boyfriend.” Meanwhile I have to sit through him sharing memories and stories about his ex wives. (Which all 3 are crazy) it bothers me when he does that but I don’t make smart remarks. Is it me that made him jealous of my ex with the makeup thing? Now I am also worried because he does handyman work and is helping a women but he stays there till 12am... he invites me to go but obviously it still bothers me.
Boyfriend thinks I still like my ex?
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