Guys, Can any men relate to this extreme intimacy issue?

My boyfriend has an avoidant personality disorder. Aka he is an intimacy anorexic.

He often goes 5 to 6 weeks without ever touching me in a sexually expressive manner of anyway. He withdraws - and typically any emotional conversations from my end become an argument. It is like essentially if I complain at all about my hurt feelings from this it will just dig the hole deeper and make things worse.

He has tried to make me understand that he doesn't "want to be this way". He says he "can feel himself withdraw and hates it".

He swears he is in love with me and finds me very emotionally and physically attractive. he does not want to break up and says he is all in and really wants a life with me.

Mentally for me - it is so hard to think to myself how to comprehend this and work this out.

I just have a difficult time comprehending how a man who says he loves me and is attracted to me in everyone can withdraw from me for 5 to 6 weeks sometimes both mentally and physically. I often feel like I'm living with a roommate, not a lover.

Are there any men out there that also suffer from intimacy avoidance to a point where it has completely disrupted their ability to have a normal relationship?
Guys, Can any men relate to this extreme intimacy issue?
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