Do you think that he likes me?

Ok, so there's this guy at my university who I have noticed kept staring at me in class and one day asked me if I wanted to join a group on WhatsApp and so I agreed to join.

There was one point where a few of my class mates had joined the call and then gradually left the call and it was only him and I talking on the call. We were helping each other with our work and after that we had deep and meaningful conversations about our lives on the call whilst texting each other on Snapchat until 4:30AM.

During our conversation on Snapchat, he kept on sending me kiss emojis, heart emojis, calling me cute and asking for selfies of me and during the call, he also called me beautiful and told me that I look good in terms of my figure and that no one should tell me otherwise (I suffered from anorexia and have recovered).

Also, when he sent me a bitmoji of him blowing kisses at me and saying goodnight, I didn't like him in that way back then and so he responded with his bitmoji saying "No kiss? Whoops!" and so I sent my bitmoji saying "Sorry!".

However, lately we haven't been texting much at all and I have now developed strong feelings for him. Also, we haven't been attending uni because of the coronavirus, so our teacher recently called our class on Microsoft teams and he PM me saying hi and I said hi back and then he asked me how I am coping with the course and I told him that I was coping fine and he said the same thing and when we were on a call with the class, when I turned my camera on he also turned his camera on, whilst the rest of the class had theirs off.

Today, I sent the whole group a message about an answer to a certain question and then he responded with "I put cells, but only because I didn't read the question properly lol." He used to respond to me a lot more and now for some reason, I feel as though we have drifted apart. We used to have so many inside jokes and now, nothing. What should I do from here?
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Thank you in advance! Also, sorry for posting this again. I would like more opinions on this please! :D
Do you think that he likes me?
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