I feel like a loser and have no motivation?

Im 21 year old guy thats got nothing going for him. Im still a virgin never even had a first kiss yet. I still live with my parents while all my friends live on their own. The thing I want to do in life is most likely not going to happen and thats the only thing I have interest in. I have an anxiety disorder that I think literally makes me come off as stupid half the time because I can't think. Im probably coming off as a beta and boring to this girl im chasing after. She talks to me and I even got nudes from her but i still feel like im not doing much in getting her to feel something towards me. Im depressed a lot of the time and the girl situation is really not helping. she's like all I think about. I have like 0 motivation to change or do anything. I dont know how to get it back?
I feel like a loser and have no motivation?
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