Accused of not being feminine, just looking for opinions?

Almost all men with a couple exceptions accuse me of not being feminine, and seem downright offended that I am not feminine by their standards.

A little bit about me.

I love cooking, baking cakes, listening to 50s music, watching classic movies, having my door held for me, very family oriented, homebody, love frilly dresses, rain, cozy places and helping stray animals. I’m also a crier. I cry when something really bad happens, I cry when something really good happens.

Im also a resident surgeon, love a good glass of whiskey neat, I have a straightforward manner of speaking, never run from polemics, I’m entirely an intellectual with a penchant for science as a job and art as a hobby, I do not enjoy casual connections with no sound emotional purpose or random flirting.

Somehow (some) men have a hard time understanding that a woman is a human being. I connect with people on LinkedIn and first thing they do is hit on me then pout when I don’t reply.

I get constantly labeled unfeminine. By colleagues, bosses, ex boyfriends.

All most men seem to want to talk about with me is my appearance. Height, weight, natural hair color, how big various body parts are and if they’re natural. Establishing that I’m capable, smart and have many other things to offer seems to resonate with them, they admit it, and then resort back to the physical part. I can stop that easily in a working environment or online but in relationships is extremely troubling because once a flirty woman jumps in the horizon it’s over.

What do I do about that, other than keeping on looking for quality people? Women who have gone through this - how do you cope, do you just become indifferent to it? Men - what’s going on in the heads of those people, especially in a professional setting, do they really expect me to sext them?

Anyway, this is more of a rant than anything.

Whoever reads it all, bless you, you’re the goat.
Accused of not being feminine, just looking for opinions?
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