How to tell if a guy only wants sex from you?

My guy friend and I have been “friends” (more than acquaintances, less than friends) for a year, and I’ve always noticed him staring at me, but never acted on it. We’ve been texting a lot recently, and he tells me things like, “you can trust me, I’m always here for you, you’re a good person, you can always come to me”. I told him that I was interested in him, and he said that he hasn’t been thinking about dating (in general), but would love to hangout with me more, and that he was really upset that he couldn’t get to hangout with me after spring break. (We were supposed to hangout, but couldn’t due to the virus). I told him that I might visit him, (we live in different states) and he said that he’d love that, and that he’d show me around and go to the beach together. What if he tries to sleep with me when I visit? I don’t think he’s “that” kind of guy, because if he only wanted sex from me, he would’ve been hinted at that (we’ve been talking since March), but I still have my doubts since he never actually said whether he liked me back or not.
How to tell if a guy only wants sex from you?
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