He wants to be alone when we do this activity?

So I had a very nice convo with my friend on the phone last night and it was very lengthy. He asked to call because he said he didn’t feel like texting anymore. We ended up talking for almost 2 and a half hours. This goes back weeks ago when I had asked him what he wanted to do to hangout since everything has been shutdown with the CO-VID mess. He suggested we could watch something together, talk, just hangout with each other. When he said that, a few weeks later I thought we could have a movie day and he’s down for it. Well on the phone, he said that if we do it, he’d rather it be us two vs us and his parents like last time. He said he’d rather it be just him and his friends and not him, his friends, and parents which I get. He does have a girlfriend I should point out. He also made it a point to tell me that he rarely brings people to his parents house. It made me feel like he feels like we’re that connected as friends, that he could bring me to his parents house. So I’ve been and his girlfriend of course has. Why do you guys think he wants us to be alone? No rude answers please!
He wants to be alone when we do this activity?
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