Did someone I ghost switch gyms to find me?

I ghosted someone I met on a dating app after our second date. I know it was immature of me and ghosting is bad. We had talked for 3 weeks, and after our first mutual video date, I wasn't feeling it. I wanted to give it one more chance and we had an in-person date. While the date was fine, I just wasn't attracted to the guy and honestly thought he was a bit annoying. He didn't have my number and I actually just ended up stress deleting the dating app I was using. On the date, this guy said he worked out at the gym across town and I briefly mentioned how I enjoyed my gym. He joked about switching to "my gym," but I didn't really think a lot of it. Cut to today, when I saw this guy I'd JUST ghosted at my gym. I was able to get my workout in and leave before he saw me, but honestly, I'm a bit creeped out. Should I assume he switched gyms because of me or do y'all think this was an innocent gym change? I ghosted him less than a week ago - so this is extremely awkward for me... Am I just being paranoid?
Did someone I ghost switch gyms to find me?
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