Guys, I need a male's perspective?

We talk throughout the day, daily (mostly though text)
He's super nice to me - always making sure I'm good. We went on a weekend trip with some other friends and he was constantly making sure I didn't need anything, that I was having a good time, etc,.
He's very affectionate but only when we're alone--he doesn't touch or kiss in front of anyone. But, when I walk into a room and it's just me and him, he's like devouring me with his eyes and then makes a move on me.
Has a huge heart - does not like confrontation and is always looking to do the right thing.
He owns an mechanic shop and always makes sure my car is working properly. I went there to change my oil the other day and he took his sweet time so that by the time he was finished it was time for him to close. Then me and him hung out and had a few beers before I went back home.

We barely get to hang out because it always seems like something is going on (might see each other once every other month it seems)
He told me he's not ready for a relationship because he just got out of one in January-but then says he cares about me (I got mad at him one day and told him I didn't want to talk to him and he sent like 3 texts after that checking on me)
He's 17 years older than me (that doesn't bother me as much as I think it bothers him)
He can't have anymore kids because he's shooting blanks now

What am I to do? I'm starting to fall for him big time, we been talking for several months. Some days it feels like progress and others it feels like we're taking 2 steps back. I never wanted to be with someone so bad!
Guys, I need a male's perspective?
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