I'm really confused?

So I met a guy on here like a week ago. we've been talking non stop.

he always lifts me up, and when we first started talking I was posting a lot about being down on myself. he inboxed me and he's like "I'm sure you aren't ugly, if you want you can send a photo and I can judge" anyways that rubbed me the wrong way and I stopped talking. But he kept messaging me trying to make conversation. so we kept talking and whenever we get upset we try to help each other, he then got drunk the other night and messaged me saying how it hurts when he sees my post about me being down about myself and he said it sucks to see me struggling. Then just recently he said he loves me as a friend, but we've been getting flirty. I know to be careful, but I haven't felt this way in so long. But he lives in England and I love in the states. So I dont know we are on different time zones. what do you guys think? is this too soon?

ps. I asked him how often he connects with people like this and he's like "never". What do I do? isn't it too soon to be saying "love you"
1 y
I want someone whose close where we can pick each other up and go for a car ride and talk all night. I'm kinda sick of long distance...
I'm really confused?
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