First time for me, and it lowkey hurts so much. We mingled for about a month? We took like 5 days break in between but lately it was on fire I swear. We chatted 24/7 for a week and more and talked about almost everything. He flirted, complimented me and sometime I could also feel that he almost asked me out but he would hold back again. We just clicked. But then today, his brother who is a close friend of mine suddenly told me to stop talking to him and to move on. I was dumbfounded and his brother told me that his ex who had been waiting him for 3 years finally took the courage to talk to him again and they were getting back together. I was so shocked. The previous day, we talked like lovers... as if everything was perfectly fine. But then? I straight out asked him about it and he admitted. It felt so wrong. We ended it on good terms, he told me that we could still remain friends and that he'd always be there for me in need and to always stay connected. How could it happen? Like I trusted US so bad, and I am sure we had a flame, a connection. What do I do?
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