How do I get over the guy I liked?

Know this guy now for almost 2 years. He confessed he liked me within 6 months from meeting and knowing each other. He knew my career was my priority and I had important things coming up to attend irl. So I asked him to wait and not to make the relation further deeper or take next steps fast. He knew I liked him but I never wanted to tell him directly becuz he wanted to take it up to higher lvls of commitment which at the time I couldn't. He said he'd wait for me no matter what. He soon changed, began seeking popularity. Texted less and ignored me for months in between. When asked he said I didn't ignore you that was the only reply. I got busy with my exams and stuffs. He hung out with all the girls , flirted all day. Even infront of me called them friends. Yet couldn't reply to my texts and was busy in popularity. I was introverted and he was an extrovert. He stopped texting completely and didn't pay much attention. All of a sudden he comes back saying he loves me after a month , while I'm confused. To only find out he's doing the same thing he did and still says he loves me.
How do I get over the guy I liked?
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