Does it look like he likes me?

So before I ask my question, keep in mind that when we're in person he seems to show interest (being around me, looking when I'm not looking, approaches me, helps me and does favors, smiles sometimes?)

So basically, I don't know if this means anything but I've noticed that when my other friend who is a girl (with a boyfriend, but I don't know if he knows) recommends a movie (she likes to rec shows and movies to watch), sometimes he will watch it. But when I recommend a movie, he shoots them all down with excuses like (oh that movie is too long, the actors are boring, ehh heard bad things about it). Why does he do that with me?

Also other things he does:
- never initiates texts, but responds fast (once we texted for an hour straight. only happened once though lol)
-he's always texting others though
-he's never had a girlfriend or dated
-initiates texts to me through our group chat, not privately (weird thing that still confuses me)
-smiles/laughs a lot around me (maybe a coincidence, I don't know)
-if we're doing something in a group and no one mentions me or I'm left out, he'll come to me to tell me join what they're doing

what do you guys think, does he like me?😕😅
Does it look like he likes me?
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