Does he like me just as a friend or more?

This is a guy friend that I've recently become friends with at school just before covid struck. We primarily talk through a group chat with our other friends (they're girls).

⭐️never initiates texts, but responds fast (once we texted for an hour straight. only happened once so far though lol)
⭐️he's always texting others though (more so his guy friends I think)
⭐️he's never had a girlfriend or dated
⭐️initiates texts to me through our group chat, not privately. like if he randomly wants to say something to me, he does so through the group chat.
⭐️smiles/laughs a lot around me (maybe a coincidence, I don't know)
⭐️if we're doing something in a group and no one mentions me or I'm left out, he'll come to me to tell me join what they're doing
⭐️ tease me like the other 2 girls (they both have boyfriend's by the way)
⭐️once we had a group dinner before covid with our other school friends, and there were empty seats at the table and he rushed to sit next to me. our arms were touching the whole time (but it was also kinda crowded too, but he never moved his arm away).
⭐️If I recommend a tv show he ignores or shoots it down, but when my friend does he usually will watch it (not all the time)
1 y
also I always see him looking at me when I'm not looking, tries to be around me, and sometimes it seems as if he's trying to listen to my convo. I just don't know if he just likes me enough to be his friend or something else. I have established though that i'm 99% sure he finds me attractive. I just don't know if that's it or if he actually likes me more... you know?
1 y
he doesn't tease me**
Does he like me just as a friend or more?
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