How to text a shy guy (a cry for help) ?

So there's this guy, he's Spanish (i'm french) and was part of the exchange week we had in January (we each had a correspondant, they came here one week and we were supposed to go to Spain in April). And i made friends with everyone in the Spanish group, even close ones.

But there was this guy, who wasn't talking to anyone (except to his guy friend, and a very few other Spanish). I really wanted to talk to him, and you know the more you think about someone the more you fall for them. And my best friend, even before i told her about him, told me that there was a chance he was liking me, and she told me that he was looking at me when i wasn't, sometimes smiling, and how he was acting different around me at the picnic, when i played piano, etc... (i'm a very outgoing, smiling and open person, and i spent a lot of time with the Spanish group bc i got a good level in this language, so i wasn't really difficult to notice lmao). I finally decided to shoot my shot, and we started talking at the bowling the last night before they left. He was still shy, but i feel like it was a little less than before (i hugged him and we took photos together before i came home and same the next day before he left).

So we were supposed to see each others again in April, but bc of the coronavirus, the trips's been cancelled. We got a groupchat where everyone used to text a lot, and i often talked to the guy i like there, i think that he was more comfortable there because it was more "impersonal" maybe? Then at one point i started to dm him. And you know, each time he answers me in the day, but the convo doesn't really keep going and i don't wanna force him... I already asked him help for my Spanish homework (he did), tried to ear from him, but i'm always the one sending the first message... He's always been nice but not very talkative, how could i become closer to him? Should i talk about it to his friend? (by the way i should finally go there in October)
Thank you for the help ❤️
How to text a shy guy (a cry for help) ?
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