Doesn't he want to be with me anymore? Please help?

My boyfriend and I have been together for well over four months. I've been staying with him for a few days or up to a week at times, and today I went home after having spent 10 days (and nights) straight with him. I've been helping him some around the house, with cleaning and stuff. We had sex this morning, and he really seemed to enjoy it, as did I. As I was leaving, I told him if he wants company or just some help around the house, just hit me up. He was showing me how he sorted the laundry and clean clothes for his kids. He said, kind of out of the blue, "I need my space". I was taken aback, as I have been very cautious to not be intrusive, and give him a lot of leeway. What did he mean? Doesn't he want me around at all anymore? Or did he refer to us living together, and meant he's not ready to move in together? I'm at a loss here. I really do love him and would be devastated losing him, and I thought he had feelings for me as well, or has he just been pretending? Please help me out, I'm feeling desperate and am crying as I write this post.
Doesn't he want to be with me anymore? Please help?
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