Help! Extremely person story! What should I do?

This guy, Tom and I agreed to be friends with benefits. We have talked everyday for six months. We met up after about three or four months of talking everyday. We have only met up three times in total. Each time we had sex.

Before we even met up the first time, he said he was getting feelings for me. After the first time, he confirmed he had feelings. After the second time meeting me, he didn't want me to meet up with other guys, he only wanted me to himself but we shouldn't date yet bc we have only met twice. Now

During the third time we hungout he filmed me. He filmed me giving him head, we took naked photos together. We got very drunk and he was begging for them bc intially i said no. I gave in but he promised he eouldnt show a soul and it was only for him to wank over bc we dont see eachother often.

He used to always make the effort. I could gret up to 6 unopened snapchats at a time. I have messaged him furst twice after that hangout. I decided not to message him first.
Its been two days and nothing. he's basically ghosted me and its been 5 days since the hangout.

He is active on all his socials but not messaging me. He once told me that if he let out snapchat streak die theb he wasn't interested and he let it die..
Why would he ghost me? Im so hurt and confused and lost. I need adviceee
Like was i just used? Am i being too needy? I just need guidance rn

Please dont judge me, i am young and i am making my way through life, learnung and making mistakes as people do. Helpful and non judgmental responses are appreciated
1 y
Update: thanks for all the responses. He ended up messaging me and saying how he wanted to give me space abd not overwhelm me but that he is thinking of me and wants me to message him once im ready. Im just dramatic lmao
Help! Extremely person story! What should I do?
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