Should I tell him?

My boyfriend got super drunk tonight. I'm pretty sure he has alcohol poisoning. I had an ambulance come out but he refused care and since he could still recite his information they recorded it as AMA and left. Anyway, it's bad enough that he came home at 11, spent an hour throwing up in the bathroom, in and out of consciousness, and even soiled himself. After about 30 more minutes I was able to convince him to get in the tub so I could clean him up. He sat in the tub with a little water for about an hour while I cleaned him up then went on to clean our bathroom since there was vomit and feces all over the toilet and floor. I finally was able to get him dried off, dressed, and into bed at about 2:15 am. I can tell he's doing better because his breathing is stabilizing and he asked me to buy red Gatorade tomorrow. However I know that most likely he's going to ask how bad he got because he always does the day after heavy drinking, which only happens like 1 a year. Should I tell him everything I had to do, from cleaning his feces off the toilet and bathing him to having to pretty much carry him to bed and dress him. Or just tell him he threw up a few times then went to bed?
Should I tell him?
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