What do you people think about "Indian Guys"?

So, I had a discussion with my friend and the question popped up about the Indian Guys being perceived in a certain manner.
So how is your experience with "Indian Guys" on here or in real life.
And also what do you think about them and there character personality wise
What do you think about there mannerism? .
What you like about them?
What you dont like about them?
What changes would you like to see?
This question is mostly for Girls but guys can answer.

I know i am giving my head between hard place and a rock hopefully I will get some enlightment hope you all would be respectful enough.

Catuation : please keep in mind that I am Indian and the comments should be on the personality of Guys and not the Country.
Being honest will appreciated but not racist or completely insulting.
I am a human being too😎.

PS. The below pic is mine and the question is generic and not about me although some nice things about me won't hurt either😉😜.

This question will get deleted.
What do you people think about Indian Guys?
1 y
Thank you all for participating and being kind and polite for those who had bad experience I am sorry for you and wish you all the happiness remember there are good people as well in any Race so do judge people after you know them 🙂👍🙏
1 y
Om sarve jana sukhino bhavantuSarve santu niramaayaSarve bhadrani pashyantuMA kaschith dukha mapaniyaLokha samastha sukhino bhavantu. Meaning May all become happy. May all be free from illness. May all see what is auspicious, May Noone suffer. May happiness prevail in the entire world.
What do you people think about "Indian Guys"?
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