I was rude to him?

So, I kind of misunderstood the whole situation, gave mixed signals and played hot and cold, wronged him, ghosted him and wouldn't even bother to consider his feelings. But I really liked him a lot and wanted to be his girlfriend. I was VERY smitten.

I moved away and got into a (pretty sexual) relationship as well with a friend. It lasted a year and I eventually called it off because I was never into him and all the time, I still had him in the back of my mind.

I had seen him a few times and we even had eye contact while I was dating my ex and I actually thought I would talk to him but we never got a chance. I did regret how I treated him and I still remember how he was fighting for us and trying to sort out the problems. He had even said he wanted to tell me something but I had refused him saying there's nothing left to discuss.
It always irked him that why didn't I listen to him.

Anyways, he knew I was dating a guy because the guy was also studying at the same university.

Anyway, I want to revive relationship with him and I am wanting to start by taking baby steps. I am much more confident and can deal now properly. Problem is, he doesn't seem to talk to me. He never smiles, is always serious in talks and rarely starts a conversation. I can tell he looks very hurt whenever he looks at me. He did go to coffee with me but was mostly quiet until I started talking on social issues and he gave his views.

I think he's very upset also because I dated someone else after falling out with him. What can I do to revive our relationship?
I was rude to him?
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