Is he cheating on me or is he that secretive?

Me and my boyfriend have been on and off for a year and a half. We are also in a long distance relationship and we have never met in person. He doesn't open up very much, dry conversations and doesn't like to go into deep conversations about one another. Except he saids, we get to know each other by conversations. When he doesn't text me half the day and I mention it and this happens often, he gives an excuse. (That's how I feel) Example, he's sick, he has drama with his parents, bad day at work, whats to go over his thoughts, etc. When I dont mention it he just doesn't say anything except goodnight sometimes. He said he would tell me later and I give him the whole day or the time he needs. When that time comes and I ask the question what happened he forgets or gives me dry answers. It makes me feel like he doesn't want me to know him or even help him or be that support and worse case is that he is cheating on me and I'm that side person he has. We were on and off because of him being secretive but I am giving him a chance because he said we can compromise, but it often goes out the door. Do you think this the things he saids is true and he just wants to be a private, deal it yourself type of person or is he cheating on me? Yes he was a big cheater in his past, not with me but with other women he has told me about.
Is he cheating on me or is he that secretive?
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