I am confused, what do I do?

I got told that a guy in the right mind would never date me since I am larger, I am 5ft 1 and I weigh about 230 pounds. I am large I know, but I am working to lose it. I just need to focus and get in the right mindset. I have a sister who is very gorgeous and every guy loves her. She works as a bartender and is constantly flirted with. I compare myself to her a lot. But do you think a guy would come along that loves me? I am working on my self love and working on confidence, I know finding a guy isn't important but I get nobody now.. not even one person. Unless they are far away. I am just worried I am not sexy to a man.. do some guys like bigger girls? Because I know guys are more inclined and would leave me if they could for a smaller hot girl. Since that's how guys are? I am confused?
I am confused, what do I do?
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