What should I do in this situation please help?

I am in the situation of where my boyfriend is renting from my dad by a place right next to us and he has his roommate living with him, now this guy is really bad he breaks all the rules my dad told my boyfriend to please make sure his friend keeps to, and my parents don't know he does, I am the only one who knows he does drugs under his roof and doesn't clean up after himself, and now this guy is even trying his luck with my family trying to get lifts with my dad in mornings and trying to get close with my dad, I don't like this happening he is putting up this "good persona" of himself to my dad so my dad thinks he is good now, meanwhile doesn't know what is going on, I feel guilty but I really don't want my Boyfriend to get kicked out that's why I have not told my father yet, and this guy is influencing my brother with drugs and has no respect for me, what do I say to my dad without him kicking my boyfriend out cause he is innocent in this, I just want my dad to not be so nice and not let my brother near this guy what can I say? Thank you
What should I do in this situation please help?
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