Why does it seem that no guy likes me unless I don’t want them?

Lately it seems to be that I meet people who are only interested in me when I am not interested in them. Either I never was interested or I lose interest after my interest feels too unreciprocated. Then, strangely, they want me! But by then, I’m trying again with a new guy and the cycle is repeating. It’s weird and honestly it makes me feel self conscious- like for some reason my love isn’t good enough. Why would somebody keep having this same experience? For example, I have been texting this guy. He has asked numerous times to hang out and I always declined because of the whole quarantine situation. Now recently, I feel that I have been trying to coax him to hang out while he is pretty much giving me the run around. Whenever I text him about things that he doesn’t want to answer (like “do you want to hang out today”) he just doesn’t answer. And the next day his reply is “I didn’t know you sent that.” I have tried to see it as a coincidence but last night I texted him and he hasn’t responded yet. I have decided that if his response is anything remotely similar to “I didn’t see your text” or “I didn’t get that” I’m going to cut him off. And when I do, I’m confident he will be back. It’s always like this. Guys will pursue me and then seem to lose interest once I develop any tangible interest in them. I have cut ties with men who have been too wish washy and they always come back. But I never want them afterwards because I feel insulted that they didn’t want me when I wanted them. I have only been in love once, and the guy ghosted me eventually. He was somebody I would have literally died for and loved even when he didn’t seem to want to be together anymore. And yet, out of every guy, he is the only one who never came back. It makes me feel that when I love or like someone, they don’t want it. Why?
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I also have a friend who has liked me for years. He even confessed to loving me at one point. I never saw him as anything other than a friend and never reciprocated his feelings. But after my ex ghosted me, I was willing to give it a try with someone who “actually liked me”. I was mistaken to want to give this friend a chance bc he started to act like he didn’t know how to respond. Like he started to choose another girl over me. So I pulled away, and when I did his feelings returned strongly
Why does it seem that no guy likes me unless I don’t want them?
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