Why did he block me?

I had this crush in one of my classes. I wasn’t even friends with him or anything (just stared at him from a distance lol. Introversion and social anxiety-) I was lookin for him pretty much everywhere, everyday. It was getting quite frustrating. An entire year went by and I moved from that school. I basically lost all contact with him I was kind of sad and heartbroken. Me being a weirdo and a stalker searched for his insta for literally a year and a half and I actually managed to find it like two or three months ago. I was overjoyed BUT when I looked at his bio, I figured at he now had a girlfriend. I felt heartbroken and dumb. So I decided to write a long ass message about how I developed this crush on him to get it off my chest and move on. I noted that I wasn’t asking him out and I didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his girlfriend So I sent the message. To my surprise, he actually replied He was super nice and understanding about it. He was really polite and said I wasn’t ruining his relationship with his girlfriend at all because they had a really strong bond. We kinda had a little conversation and he was super cool. I was so flippin happy so i told him i wish we could be friends. He was really chill about it and said since he’s a really socially person and he wouldn’t mind being friends at all. We continues talking a bit more and it was about 10:45 at night. He told me he had other stuff to do and that we could talk later. I replied to him the next morning and about two hours later he blocked me! I was kind of shocked. Why would he do that? Did his girlfriend find out and get mad? Was he just trying to be nice and then he changed his mind the next day? I was super sad the entire day. I had no other way of contacting him so i missed him A LOT. I’m just super confused and sad. I just wanna know why he did it.
Why did he block me?
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