Am I right believing this guy likes me more than a friend?

First of all I'd like to say we're both married and this is why I'm bothered by this.
We are very good friends for 3 years now (know eachother for 5), we even get our families to socialise on some special occasions. We are texting almost every day, we banter a lot, joke on the verge of flirting, our communication is light and fun.
We share hobby with two other guys. 2 months ago his other female friend from his childhood joined us but started to be bossy. I didn't like it and I started to pull back. He felt it and serious talks started between us. Last week or two a lot came out... how important I am to him. He started complimenting me a lot, calling me babe (he always called me by a nickname, short for my name). Among other things I said that nothing would change between us if I stop hang with them (because this other woman is much more to him than me). He said: "I chose you... understand that". Now it came to that that he avoids her. He even "arranged" that his mom and wife are telling him to lose this other woman and stay in this hobby with me, not even those guys are mentioned anymore. He is "pushing me" to tell him to lose her and I don't want that.
I can feel a lot has changed. Last time my husband and I were at his daughter's birthday party, he was much colder to me than usual in front of everybody, but closer when we're alone. Textings are much more intense. I turn it all to joking and try to keep it light as it was. Am I right about thinking he started to have more than friendly feelings or am I exaggerating?
Am I right believing this guy likes me more than a friend?
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