Friends with benefits is always coming back for more?

Hi there!
I’ve just got out of a friends with benefits relationship because I caught feelings for the guy while he wanted to keep it casual. Yet he’s telling me everything about his personal life (e. g. family issues, dreams for the future, his ideal girlfriend), he’s sleeping over at my place, cuddles me after sex, asks me what I’m looking for in a relationship, has breakfast with me... long story short: it feels like it’s more than friends with benefits.

Anyways, I’ve recently moved to a different city. So, I thought that it’d be clear that our “thing” ended since a) I caught feelings, b) we can’t see each other anymore, and c) neither of us keeps in touch with their ex’s. And still, this guy keeps contacting me every other day to tell me about what’s happening in his life.
I find his behaviour pretty contradictory since he wants to have a causal relationship yet he treats me like a girl he’s dating.
Friends with benefits is always coming back for more?
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