Don’t know whether to feel happy or sad?

So this guy I used to like who is very cute, popular and athletic. He started showing me attention out the blue and I thought he was showing interest but I was going through something and I was extremelyyyyy insecure about myself. I knew it was too good to be true because I’m not not pretty

but now I found out that he was just being extra affectionate with me to help me to feel good about myself and to show extra love. Which did make me feel happy and loved but I took it as something else and was a bitch and told him “fuck you” because I thought I was being played.

but now I feel extra bad because 1. He didn’t actually like or want me 2. I felt like charity to him 3. He’s just helping the “ugly “ girl with her problems 4. He gets girls more beautiful than I will ever be 5. He didn’t want me

I feel extra shitty even though he was coming from a good place
Don’t know whether to feel happy or sad?
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