Help should I approach him (please read)?

I have a crush on this guy who used to go to my school. I also have a fake account on instagram and with no further intentions I’ve texted him there. Just to see if he would even respond..

He immediately got it and asked me for the reasons I have a fake one. We got into a deep psychological discussion and he tried to help me with my issues. I also admited that I know him from school and that I’ve always found him handsome. He meant I should created a real one and write him.

I had a lot of hopes that he would ask me out or something, but it didn’t happend. However he was very kind and respectful towards me. One year later I wrote him again with another fake account and he got it again. Again we got into deep psychological topics. I didn’t admited that I’m the same person again.

Than I had troubles with an guy and I always turned to him and asked for male advice. I never had to worry about getting judged. Since he didn’t knew who I was and therefore completely opened up to him.

One time we got off topic and started asking about eachother. He said he wanna know how I look and that he would like to get a picture of me since he believes that I’m cute.

I just responded with hahaha. He than didn’t texted for 5 minutes. I decieded to take the initivative and asked him about more personal questions. Than we texted for a while. The next day I asked him if he would be intrested in a metting. He said he would first wanna know who I am. Since then nothing came from both of us.

I don’t know if I should try approaching him?
What does he want? Why did he called me cute? Should I send him a foto, but I don’t wanna embarrass myself with veing the same person again.
Help should I approach him (please read)?
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