What do you think this guys intentions are? should I cut him off?

So, I met a guy online a few months back and he told me he was newly out of a relationship. He told me he wasn't looking for another one but yet he continued to flirt with me, he replied to my Facebook stories and my post. Anyway he seemed like he could only be bothered to flirt and talk on his time. When i would reply to a story of him or try to start a conversation he would take 2-4 days to respond or just not respond all together and most of his responses were dry and boring. Anyway I unfriended him because i felt like he was playing games but he came back and apologized if i felt neglected and a bunch of other excuses why he couldn't talk to me when i message him sometimes. It all sounded like BS. If you want to get to know someone there would no excuses you would just respond I feel. Anyway we finally met up with state reopening and we had fun, but a few things rubbed me the wrong way. He told me he was not ignoring me to be mean and that he wasn't trying to hurt me but that sounds contradicting leaving me hanging for days doesn't it? He also then made comments about my appearance because I am a single mom saying i looked tired stressed out, broken out, and asked if I was trying to lose weight and made a comment about moms having lose skin.. If he thought all of this why meet up with me? I mean he has seen my body already in plenty of pics i sent online so my size wasn't a surprise (not grossly obese by the way). Should I cut my ties? Does it seem like this guy is playing with me? sorry its so long. He actions are confusing.
What do you think this guys intentions are? should I cut him off?
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