Did his friends tell him to break up with me?

We were only together for 1.5 months. It was going well until his friends decided against me bc of my introversion.. his friends were also worried i was gonna take my ex away from them bc i preferred alone time... he broke up with me 2 days after meeting his friends claiming he's confused... when on the day of meeting his friends he told me he wanted to discuss the possibility of moving in together down the line and that i was number one priority... for him to suddenly tell me he's confused... and that he told me his werent sure about me... really fucks with my head since we had a pretty decent relationship until that. He now has a lot of resentment against me and im not entirely sure what i did... everday i think about what did i do that was so wrong? All i got was im confused... :""""( when he wasn't before i met his friends. He told me how strongly he felt about me...
Did his friends tell him to break up with me?
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