Why he doesn't get how he's behavior affecting me?

Dear all,
I would like to hear opinions on this..
My colleague had horrible family drama, and they treated him like a shit..
He became depressed and didn't want to go out. But somehow I managed that he and I finish his graduation final exam. I helped him to write it, in my apartment.
So, I helped him through hard times.
Now, he finished college, I helped him to find a job, and he's okay... After moths of isolation, he didn't want to go out at all, now, he goes out to work out etc.. Buttt... guess what...
He doesn't include me in his social life. Most of them are guys, but I am so disappointed.

I used to ask him to work out with me, he rarely said yes cause of this depression issue. Now, he works out with his friends. rarely with me... I talked to him. We both like to spend time together and find it hard to split.. We both know that. He doesn't give me the answers, on why he's closed for me, after all we been through. He seems so confused, and I don't why. When I ask him: Why are you spending time with folks that weren't been there for you like I did?
He answers: I don't know?
I see he's in some kind of crises, but guys.. I helped him to normalize his life and now, all he does is texts and rarely invests in our "friendship"..

2 years ago, he was crazy about me, and now.. he tells we are "friends", which I don't buy. I feel he's scared.
I just can't believe he's like this.. He used to be fun, wild crazy boy, and now he's so boring and confusing.
The worst part is: How can he not realize that normal progression after all that we've been through is that we become more close then ever... ?
I don't understand how he doesn't connects the dots?

I used to attack him for this and realized, the guy is totally lost in space. He doesn't give me any answer.

Now, I am pissed cause I feel like he used me, and now: F off...
I know it's not like that cause we talked.. But I don't know what to think about him.. I am so mad at him, and I realize he doesn't get it..
Why he doesn't get how he's behavior affecting me?
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