Why would a guy never initiate hang outs?

So my guy friend (that I like more than a friend) and I have recently started to hang out and have done so a couple of times now. But he never initiates hang outs. In person he seems interested because we literally spend like 5 hours together. If he hated it I would feel he'd find an excuse to go home early or something. He's the same with texts. never initiates them. But in person he seems very interested bc we talk for ages, he tries to be close to me, accidental body touching, smiling, looking at me, giving me rides, etc. And even at the end he won't say to meet up but he'll indirectly ask when we are meeting next time... he'll be like "so i'll see you next week probably sometime?"... like can't you just ask "let's meet again on this day!". idkk

What do you guys think?
Why would a guy never initiate hang outs?
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