I don’t like the way my boyfriend jokes with me. Is this even humor?

My boyfriend has corrected his sense of humor around me because he’s usually very direct and I’m rather sensitive. Still, today these two things happened that kind of made me uncomfortable. Here at our beach house we have these outside shower stalls that have actual doors and they are small vc they’re for one person. Its really dark when you close the door unless you turn on the lights. He was in “humor/goof mode” (I could tell because of how he was speaking and acting). I went in the stall to put something inside and then he slowly started closing the door on me and said “sorry babe but goodbye.” And pushed on the door. I said “no” and put my foot on the bottom of the door blocking it but he was stronger than me so I removed my foot to not get hurt by his pushing (because he didn’t know my foot was there). The door closed and I immediately opened normally because he had already moved away (he didn’t push the door anymore once I was in) so I could come out right away. He was grinning once I was outside and gave me a peck on the cheek but I was pissed. Second event happened not minutes after. We both sat down on a couch to watch a TV show and I can’t really remember what we were talking about before but I responded “I don’t know” kind of loudly to him (in a serious tone.) He then responded to me while kind of smiling “don’t talk to me like that” in the same volume I did to him. I could tell he was joking because of his tone and grin afterwards. He could tell I was annoyed but still kept trying to get close to me and lay on my lap. I don’t like when he raises his voice even as a joke. He never really yells, he just raises his voice (even in arguments he doesn’t yell) he just raised has voice jokingly but I still didn’t like that.
I don’t like the way my boyfriend jokes with me. Is this even humor?
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