Crushing on a guy for 5 years?

Hey guys... 5years ago a handsome guy sat next to me in church. I started crushing. It became a trend for him to sit besides me. We both preferred sitting next to the exit door. Some times I would come before him but there are time he would come first. All the time we would lock eyes as one of us entered church. Also this dude's home is just 6 blocks from my home though we have never talked. Only time I heard him speak was when he needed to use my pen in church. I see this guy once in a while and all the time I fidget. Am at the verge of telling him how I feel now that am single. I believe he feels the same but he is a coward. Can someone advise? How should I do this? Guy is not even my friend and I don't have his phone number. I don't think he is even on facebook. Help
Crushing on a guy for 5 years?
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