Should I let my boyfriend pay for are holiday including my half?

Recently me and my boyfriend have been looking at holidays closer to home because of the virus.

he's taking a week off in August and really wants to spend that time with me. We've bouth had a shit year like everyone else and we really wanna do something nice. I've lost my job and he's been having lots if issues with his families health issues.

Whilst im not at work I've been helping my boyfriend promote his business and its gone so well and he's earning lots of money right now. He keeps thanking me abd telling me how good I am to him for supporting him with everything thats happened this year so far and helping his business get off the ground.

He recently found a really good holiday in Scotland, in this beautiful hotel. He says he wants to pay for everything including my half of the holiday as a treat as he knows i have no money right now.

Its very nice of him to want to do that but im usually a very independent person and i like to pay for things myself or i usually feel uncomfortable. Especially when it's with men. Me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year and i love abd trust him very much but i can't help but question his motives. When i told my friend she joked maybe he wants to pop the question and it did have me thinking.

I really do love him and i want to spend my life with him but i definitely think im to young for marriage.
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Spoke to my boyfriend today and when i told him i wanted pay for myself, he seemed really disappointed, i felt bad and explained but i like it with everything and he knows i don't like people paying for stuff for me but if he really wants to he can.

I spoke to my family about what i should do and they also said i should pay for myself. I've always been raised being told i have to pay my own way into life and I should never rely on others money.

So it's a difficult one for me
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I feel bad because i know this is his way of saying thank you and it feels as if rejecting a gift. I don't believe i deserve to be awarded for being a good girlfriend. I know they are hard to come by these days but doesn't mean i deserve special treatment. He is just as good to me as i am to him. Sometimes i feel the biggest problem in are relationship is that we are both too good to each other. I know that shouldn't be a problem but sometimes it can be.

Should I let my boyfriend pay for are holiday including my half?
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