Shall I continue to pursue with him, or shall I let him go?

I joined match. com a few weeks ago, and the first day this guy popped up, we hit it off straight away, and talked all night, I then gave him my number, so he texted and we talked everyday here and there. He admitted he feels like he's got a connection with me, and that he's never fell for someone so quickly, but we have a lot in common, and pretty much are the same person, with the same future planned ext. Anyway, a week later his auntie and uncle fell ill with the corona virus, so he took his cousin in, who's 11, to look after him. 4 days past, and I received a text to say he's got symptoms, and a few days later he tested positive, so of course the last thing he's gonna want to do is go on his phone. That's fine, I understood, he wouldn't talk for a day or so, and text me here and there. The other day I texted him to say I'm the type of person who likes regular contact, whether its a quick one once a day, just so I know he's okay. He then said he's never felt like this about anyone, but at the same time, he can't give me regular contact at the moment. Now, I completely understand, and he told me the offer to go round his and to meet is still there, and that he really wants to meet me, but he said he just needs a few weeks, he's still got corona, yet working from home at the same time.
Am I being unreasonable to want regular contact? Guys would you not talk to the girl you like if you were going through this? Or is he stringing me along?
I've sent him a little "hope you're okay" message this morning, still nothing. Shall I now wait till he's ready to talk? I'm so up and down as I've only been played and treated badly by guys. Just need peoples opinions.
Shall I continue to pursue with him, or shall I let him go?
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