What should I do 😐?

he is a famous actor. we just got matched on tinder and started chatting. He said we can not date now due to the Corona virus... after 2months, he asked me to do a test (corona), and then we can meet!
I did the test 2weeks ago and sent the result to him. he said he has some problem now. he also asked me to wait and stay home till he inform me.
After a week, i text him: if u have problem, we can postpone our date, bcz i wanna go out and meet my sister
He replied : i will try to fix a date, this week.
My question is: is he Ditching me?
If yes, why did he ask me to WAIT?
Why didn't he block me?
How long should i wait more?
Text him again
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block him
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1 mo
Guys... we did facetime... video calllll 3times😄😄😄 stop saying he is fake. 😁
What should I do 😐?
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