Is this considered cheating?

There’s 2 incidents that happened when I was about a few months into my relationship with my boyfriend. I work at a retail store that really pushes us to get people to sign up for the store’s credit card, our jobs depended on it. Anyway, I was walking around the mall to ask people to sign up and I asked this guy. He said he’d sign up for it only because I have a nice body. I thanked him but asked him more questions about where he was from since I lived in this city all of my life and I’ve never seen him anywhere. We chatted about the schools we went to on the way back, and he signed up for the card. He asked for my number and I gave it to him because I wanted to know him more, at the time I didn’t really know why, I was just curious about him. He then said he was going to get some food and I requested to bring me back a milkshake and he did. He did ask if I would do sexual things with him but I declined. He didn’t really respond to my messages, I only sent him a couple of texts. I did find him on social media and we are following each other to this day, but never communicated on there.

The 2nd time was a few months later when I misheard this guy’s last name and thought he said “handsome.” He thought I was complimenting him when I just didn’t hear him. He told me he worked with my sibling later and we exchanged numbers just as a way for me to keep tabs on that sibling (he lies about where he is a lot) and for my boyfriend for later use because he’s going into that same field. We only texted for 2-3 days because he was sending kiss emojis and that made me uncomfortable. He even came by my workplace with snacks even though I told him he didn’t need to. He sent me an extra text before we stopped texting altogether.

When I did try to come clean about it to my boyfriend when it happened, I lied. I said I didn’t give my number to these guys and didn’t take up the milkshake offer just because he allowed his female friend to his room during that time period.
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1 y
I was upset at the time with that incident with his female friend. We finally discussed it into detail a couple of weeks ago and reassured me that they didn’t do anything inappropriate. But he did hide the fact that they did date prior to meeting me, and their history until I found out towards the end of 2019.
1 y
That was about a year in or our relationship.
Is this considered cheating?
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