Do you think it's inappropriate for a man in his mid 40s to behaving around a 16 year old girl like this?

Im a very friendly person and i have lots of friends of all age's and im happy to talk with everyone.

But lately this man on my street is making me feel more and more uncomfortable and it's scaring me a little.

I remember i first bumped into him whilst on my way home from school. His dog ran out his back gate and jumped on me. I was a little scared and my tights got ripped but i still stayed polite and carm to the owner when pulled the dog away from me.

I love animals especially dogs so i could see the dog just wanted fuss so i was playing with him for abit whilst talking to his owner. We really clicked actually and ended up talking quite a bit about stuff.

After that everytime id walked past his house he'd wave and say hello. Then it started getting more strange.

He leaves his back gate open almost as if he does it on purpose perfectly timed to when he knows ill be walking by so he has a excuse to talk with me. He's started inviting me into his garden to look at his flowers and play with his dog.

At first i assumed he had a wife because i always see him with his son whose probably around 4 years old but whenever i make a hint towards that he doesn't answer.

Lately his comments are going to far, he keeps telling me in pretty and any boy would be lucky to have me and i have lovely figure whilst putting his hands on my shoulders. Im very awkward and shy in uncomfortable situations and am too polite to say when im not feeling comfortable with something.

I've said loads of times i have a boyfriend but he just acts as if he doesn't care and but i can do better for example whenever we fight, even if im in wrong he takes my side and when i fell out with a girlfriend of mine he took my side and almost took it personally with her and was calling her a bitch to me and a nasty girl.

I live in a very small town so everyone knows everyone pretty much that's why he's always up in my business because he talks with all my friends mums too who tell him things.
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My friend who he called a bitch and a nasty girl just text me and said last year he tired to touch her breasts and her big brother came over to his house and threw a brick threw his window. I've been talking to all the girls in the local area around him and we said were all gonna go out for walks together for now on.

My boyfriends grandad is a ex police officer too and he's given us information on who to contact now if he trys something else with another girl.

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Been staying up all night trying to get this sorted out so tired now but im so glad everyone is teaming together
Do you think it's inappropriate for a man in his mid 40s to behaving around a 16 year old girl like this?
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